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SUPERFLY Remake is Bigger, Worse - ComicsVerse
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Future and PartyNextDoor Team Up on Video for "No Shame" from 'Superfly' - Complex
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Joel Silver defends ‘Superfly’s’ threesome sex scene - Metro US
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Future shares Vol. 2 of Superfly soundtrack - The FADER
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'Superfly' actor Kaalan Walker charged with 9 felonies for sexual assault - Rolling Out
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Superfly Names Stacy Moscatelli VP of Brand Marketing - Pollstar
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Antoinette Messam on Making a Statement in ‘Superfly’ - Film School Rejects
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Director X, Trevor Jackson And More Discuss 'Superfly' - Vibe
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Fly-Lanta: Living Superfly with Big Bank Black - Complex
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SuperFly 3: Full Press Conference - Bad Left Hook
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Advance Screening of SUPERFLY - The Commercial Appeal
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Superfly review: Cartoonish, gaudy, silly blaxploitation remake - The Independent
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Review: Superfly succeeds in paying homage to its predecessor - The Globe and Mail
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Stars appear on red carpet for 'SuperFly' movie - WXIA
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Director X's Superfly Finally Arrives On Blu-ray & Digital HD - SOHH
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'Superfly' reboot is polished, with good ensemble cast - Quad City Times
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Jason Mitchell Talks "Superfly" Character And Filming In Atlanta -
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SuperFly Star Accused of Sexual Assault After Baiting Models on Social Media - MovieWeb
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