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Clannad star Moya Brennan to play at Rhosygilwen - Tivyside Advertiser
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Clannad for PS4 launches June 21 in the US - Gematsu
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Clannad: Turas 1980 (Live in Bremen) - Folk Radio UK
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Pádraig Duggan, founding member of Clannad – obituary -
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Sekai Project licenses Clannad visual novel for Steam release - PCGamesN
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Enya and Clannad mourn the death of father Leo - RTÉ News
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Leo Brennan, father of Enya and Clannad, laid to rest - RTÉ News
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Third Stretch Goal Reached; Clannad Anthology Manga Is A Go - Siliconera
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Martin Carthy and Clannad to be honoured at BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards 2014 -
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